Monday, January 12, 2015

Spotted in the Wild Contest!

WINTER FALLS has been out for a month (woohoo!) but I have yet to see it on a bookshelf!
So, I'm having a Spotted in the Wild Contest, and you could win!
The rules are simple:
If you're in a bookstore - any bookstore, indie or otherwise - and you see WINTER FALLS on the shelf, take a picture of it.
Post the picture on Twitter or Facebook and tag me (Twitter: @nicolemaggi and Nicole Maggi - my public author page - on Facebook).
For each picture you post (at different bookstores) you'll be entered into a drawing.
What's the prize? A signed ARC of the second book in the Twin Willows Trilogy, IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF (release date June 9th)!
Only in-store pictures are eligible. Bonus points if the book is facing in (with just the spine visible) and you do a little rearranging to face the whole front cover outward. ;-)
The contest will run until the end of the month. So between now and January 31st, visit as many bookstores as you can and find WINTER FALLS!
P.S. If the store doesn't have the book in, go ahead and request it! While that won't earn you a contest entry, it will earn you my undying gratitude.
WINTER FALLS Launch party
Let the games begin! Let's go book hunting!