Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Purpose of this Blog

It finally happens.  That long-awaited Call from your agent, making your dream come true.  You have a book contract.
You pop champagne, you celebrate with your significant other, your critique group, your friends, your family, your pets, your dentist, the guy on the treadmill next to you, strangers you meet in the grocery store, the homeless guy on the corner, the tollbooth attendant, and just about everyone and their mother, father, sister, brother, cousin and dog.
The dust settles and you trudge back into your office, turn on your computer and sit down.  Now what?
This blog endeavors to answer that question.  What happens between getting the Call and seeing your Book on the shelf at your local Barnes & Noble?
Well, a whole lot happens.  And I’m in the middle of it right now.
I got the call on May 21st, 2010.  My debut novel, SHIFT, is due to be released Summer 2012 by HarperTeen.  That’s two whole years between the Call and the Book, and they’re not spent twiddling thumbs.  There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes action.  The purpose of this blog is to cover that action.
Maybe you’re in the middle of it too.  Maybe you’re hoping to be in the middle of it soon.  Or maybe you went through the middle of it already and want to relive it.  (And if so, please feel free to share your experience or post some advice in the Comments!)  Whatever stage you’re at, I hope this blog will be helpful, or at least a fun read.
My first few entries will cover my road to the Call.  Then I’ll discuss the editorial process.  As I progress towards that looming TBA release date, you’ll hear about it.  And in between, maybe we’ll chat about the process of writing, too.
So turn UP the ringer on your phone, because when the Call comes, you want to be ready.


  1. I look forward to your posts! I love people's stories and details of thier road to publication. Getting The Call was one of the wildest moments of my life, and every part of the process has been nutty and exciting :)

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Kara Hidden sent me the link to your site. Very interested in finding out more about Shift and hearing about your journey through the editing process, etc.

    Do you twitter? If so, check me out @skyledavisbooks

    I'll be sure to pass the link to your blog along. I know others in the writing community will be interested.

    -Kyle Davis