Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's Brewing

2012 is only five days old but it's there's already awesomeness brewing.  Here's what I'm excited about this week:

My book, now retitled WINTER FALLS, is back out on submission!  And that's the last I'm going to say about it until I can announce that it's been resold.  I'm a pretty superstitious person so I'll be keeping mum as it makes the rounds.  But if you have any positive vibes to spare, send them my way!  Thanks!

My good friend and long-time critique partner Ginger Calem has launched an awesome program called WritersButt.  Not only is Ginger a fabulous writer, she's also a Crossfit trainer and one of the biggest bundles of energy I know.  WritersButt is designed to not only whip our butts into shape, but also get our minds healthy and active so our creative juices can flow.  Follow her blog every Wednesday for the weekly activity, and join the conversation on Twitter under the hashtag #writersbutt.
The good folks at Penguin obviously love me because they decided to release Sara Wilson Etienne's debut novel HARBINGER on my birthday, February 2nd, 2012.  And Sara's giving me an early birthday present by releasing the HARBINGER book trailer today!  Check it out:

Seriously, could a book trailer be more awesome than that?  I'm actually reading HARBINGER right now because I was lucky enough to get an ARC.  (I don't review books on my blog but I'll just say this: you'll want to put this at the top of your TBR pile.)  I'll be interviewing Sara on the Lucky 13s blog on or around her release date so stay tuned for that!

Five days later, Jessica Spotswood's debut BORN WICKED will be released, on February 7th.  I'll also be interviewing her for the Lucky 13s blog.  There are so many wonderful books coming out to sink our teeth into this year!

With the start of 2012 came a handful of Apocalypsie debuts.  CRACKED by K.M. Walton, THE CABINET OF EARTHS by Anne Nesbet, CINDER by Marissa Meyer (check out the LA Times review here), THE BOY PROJECT by Kami Kinard, and UNDER THE NEVER SKY by Veronica Rossi were all released this week.  Seriously, I don't know where I'm going to find the time to read all these amazing books!

And that's what's brewing this week.  Now go out and read!


  1. Aww, thanks SO much for the shout out, Nicole. You rock! I'm so positive about this year that I'm nearly ridiculous!

  2. Hey Nicole, I'm a friend of Ginger's from her WANA1011 class and I thought I'd drop by. Best wishes on your submission! Let us know when it happens, okay? :)

  3. Ginger - I feel the same way about 2012, and I'm so psyched for WritersButt! Karen - I was also in the WANA1011 class though I was much more of a lurker. Thanks for stopping by!