Monday, July 16, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

So, today I made myself a playlist titled "Guilty Pleasures."  It consists of songs (mostly from the '80's, the decade in which I spent most of teenage years) that unabashedly make me happy.  But, they're also songs that I would probably get ridiculed to no degree for loving.  Hence the playlist title.

Sample track:

Now, I can honestly say that I never had a poster of Rick Springfield on my wall, although I did have a "Dirty Dancing" poster of Patrick Swayze - on his knees, crawling towards the camera, wearing those black pants and that black tank top - hanging right over my bed.  YUM.

Back in the days before iTunes, I used to keep a blank tape (a cassette tape - remember those?) in my dual radio/cassette player so that if I heard a song that I loved come on, I could just hit RECORD and voila!  Song recorded.  Yes, that's how we made playlists in the 80's.  This was one song that I remember chasing down for days until I finally caught it (so important to get the opening guitar line):

And of course the ultimate love letter of high-schoolers in the '80's was The Mix Tape.  I got a particularly memorable one from an ex-boyfriend who wanted to get back together (we did, briefly).  He'd written a paragraph for each song, explaining why he'd included it.  For this one, he wrote that one night he called me on the phone...but there was no answer:

 There are several more tracks on the playlist I made today, but these are the only ones I'll admit to including...and I can already hear the teasing coming my way!

So, I 'fessed up - your turn!  Tell me your ultimate guilty pleasure song.  Bonus points to anyone who names one that's on my list!


  1. In your Eyes was the first that came to mind... (hmm, wonder why?) xo

  2. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. I had tons of Steve Perry posters on my walls:)


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